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在亚利桑那州的jdb棋牌,学生们喜欢来上学. Why? 因为在这里,它们不是由诊断来定义的. They shine when they identify their abilities, are accepted for their differences, make friends, and discover new skills. 他们被赋予所需的工具和责任,挑战和激励他们在学校和其他地方取得优异成绩.


Here at PS Academy…

Our students love that they can BE THEMSELVES. Don't believe us? Just watch!

Some of our differences include...

  • 课程是100%定制的,以满足您的学生的具体需求!

  • We offer electives & clubs like culinary, digital animation, & girl power!

  • 父母们经常说,他们希望能早点找到我们!

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The PS Academy Student Profile

我们在招生过程中是有选择性的,以确保我们有资源来满足每个学生的特定需求,并能够为他们提供独特的, customized education plan. We serve those who are:

  • Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Students who struggle in typical schools

  • 有其他学习困难但可能没有ASD的学生

  • Students with ADD and/or ADHD

  • Students who are twice-exceptional

  • Students with speech or language impairments

  • 主要支持需求不是情感或行为的学生, or those who do not require a 1:1 aide

  • 没有攻击性行为或情绪障碍的学生

  • Students between the ages of 5 and 22 years old.

Lyfe Launch Transition Program

Lyfe Launch是一个专为自闭症学生设计的过渡项目 & other exceptionalities, 帮助学生发现自己的热情和兴趣, finding a clear path to a successful future.


  • 学生们可以找到那些大问题的答案,比如——你长大后想做什么?

  • ASD患者擅长软件工程等职业, lab technicians, pet grooming, data entry specialists, and much more. 

  • 这完全取决于你的学生的技能、能力和兴趣!

  • 过渡项目是帮助学生找到这些答案的关键.

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